Marketing Health Check

Are You Getting Results In This Tough Economy?

  • Do you really know how well your website is performing on Google? And versus your main competitor(s)?

  • Do you know what’s holding you back?

  • How do you improve your overall performance to get better quality Rankings, Traffic, Leads and Campaign Performance?

We can help…

Introducing our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Health Check Package!

The Package includes:

  • Consultation via Skype, Google Hangout or phone (30 mins)
  • We provide 5 Key Digital Marketing Health Checks & Reports (1.5 hours)

2-Hour Package – R1,500 ex VAT

1. Website Crawl Report

  • We will crawl your website and send you a report that tells you what you need to address to make it more Google friendly plus what other technical issues you might have
  • Bear in mind that 30% of the signals Google are looking for are “on-page” signals that can be easily addressed

2. SEO Health Report

  • We will provide a basic overview on what you need to address on your website for SEO (organic traffic) purposes

3. Basic Keyword Research

  • We will conduct keyword research for up to 10 KWs for your business (only for one region i.e. SA)
  • Additional KWs and regions can be arranged on a pro-rata basis
  • Keyword research will indicate monthly search volume, Cost Per Clicks (for low and top bids) & keyword competitiveness score

4. Keyword Ranking Report

  • We will provide a keyword ranking report for up to 10 KWs as well as how your KWs track against your top 3 competitors

5. Traffic Analysis & Feedback (Google Analytics)

  • Analysis of how your traffic behaves on your website via Google Analytics (we need “read-only” access and providing Google Analytics is in place
  • Feedback and discussion on our findings, reports and what you need to do to improve your Search Engine Marketing

Please note:

  •  T’s & C’s apply
  • We require “read-only” access to your Google Analytics
  • Excludes anything not specified in this package i.e. additional regions for keyword research, additional keywords, Google Ads campaign analysis/audit etc.
  • Contact us and we will send you the booking form and what we need from you to get started
  • Please note that we might not be able to provide KW data depending on your selected KWs due to Google Keyword Planner and the way it displays/selects data
  • Meetings in person can be arranged but will be charged pro-rata
  • Payment Terms – 50% initial payment upfront to start the project and 2nd 50% payment upon completion
  • We need 7-days to complete the Health Check


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